Poke Post #2: Wisefish

Wisefish Poke
Wisefish Poke
263 West 19th St (6th Ave)
New York, NY 10011

Alright food friends. Quick update here. I went to Wisefish recently with N.T., G.B., H.W., and LAW to do a little taste comparison against the glorious Sons of Thunder. Just by photo comparison, you can see the main difference between the two: Wisefish poke bowls have a lot more stuff. The ordering mechanism is different. At Sons of Thunder, you pick your fish (or octopus or tofu or whatever) and that’s it. It comes with greens, radishes, seaweed salad, etc.  You can also add toppings like krispies (yes do this), nori, avocado, etc. for an additional price. At Wisefish, you pick your fish and then get unlimited toppings from their toppings bar. It’s like the new-ish PinkBerry method where you pay a little more but get as many toppings (edamame, hijiki, radish, etc) as you want – or more precisely, as many as will fit in the bowl/you’re shameless enough to ask for. The price ends up being similar.

Because at Sons of Thunder I have to pick and pay for each additional topping, I find that I cherish/appreciate those toppings that much more. Also, a bigger point here, the quality of fish is just better at Sons of Thunder. The Wisefish tuna and salmon are cut into smaller cubes and are a bit…. softer (maybe marinated too much?) and stringy-er. Though, the fish quality isn’t a dealbreaker because it’s still decent and the number of toppings and sauces you can get sort of makes up for it. You should certainly go if you’re in the area. If the purpose of your meal is to have the best poke on the other hand, I would go to Sons of Thunder (I still have Pokeworks to try so I’ll let you know if my assessment changes).

Wisefish PokeWisefish’s interior is also not as comfortable. It’s in a long skinny hall with just one long table for diners to sit at. The table is is pretty cool (see first photo) because it has succulents growing in the middle of it. But… Sons of Thunder has that beautiful skylight that you  just can’t beat.

2 thoughts on “Poke Post #2: Wisefish

  1. Agree – sons of thunder is top on my list (getting the tuna and the salmon is like getting a chirashi bowl for cheap!)….I like their quality more than wisefish (2nd) and pokeworks (3rd).

    At pokeworks, there was a long line when i went and it’s cramped with no seats. Thought the fish was just ok (not much flavor). Curious to hear your thoughts!

    1. Just seeing this! I need to check my messages more >< I haven't tried Pokeworks yet because the line is always so damn long and everyone who has been to Pokeworks and Sons of Thunder seem to feel that Sons is higher quality. The only thing Pokeworks has that Sons doesn't is some special sesame oil thing??

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