Win Son: new Taiwanese joint that is def worth a try

Win SonWin Son
159 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206

I know. It’s been for. ever. I could give you some bullpoop excuse about how I’ve been really busy and feel soooo bad for not writing about all my recent food adventures, but the truth is the reason I haven’t posted in a long time is because I recently switched jobs and for the first time in my life am super happy and with what I’m doing (it’s sort of food related!) and no longer feel the need to find another way to do something I care about. That being said, now that I’m more settled in, I hope I’m better about updating because I’ve been eating at some bomb butt places lately. Win Son as the most recent!

H.K., my truest Brooklynite friend, somehow was able to convince me and K.C. to trek to East Williamsburg on a school night (I’m a brat). And it was totally worth it. Win Son is a new Taiwanese-American restaurant opened up by Josh Ku and Trigg Brown (former sous chef at Upland). The food tastes and looks like homemade Chinese food – no frills, just good, with a lot of the same ingredients used over and over again.

Win Son
Marinated Cucumbers ($5) with garlic and cilantro and A TON OF THEIR AMAZING FRIED GARLIC THINGS. Simple and amazing. Simply amazing.

Win Son
Oyster Omelette ($11) with A TON OF THEIR AMAZING FRIED GARLIC THINGS. Oysters are whole and fresh – still mostly raw even. Legit.

Win Son
Pan-griddled Pork Buns ($9) with scallions and chili vinaigrette and A TON OF THEIR AMAZING FRIED GARLIC THINGS. This might have been my favorite thing from the night. The chili vinaigrette is slightly slightly spicy, slightly sweet, slightly acidic. Super nomz. Skin is not too thin nor too thick. Pork is tender. Snaps for these buns.

Win Son
Zhajiangmian ($16) with lamb and A TON OF THEIR AMAZING FRIED GARLIC THINGS. Probably my least favorite of the night though the dish was solid. I’m not the biggest fan of lamb and the meat was pretty lamby. I also grew up in Beijing where Zhajiangmian is from so it’s hard to impress me with zhajiangmian.

Win Son
Flies Head ($13) aka. pork with garlic chives and fermented black beans + a bowl of rice. Garlic chives are in general super tasty, and these were particularly tender and crisp. Good stuff. Tasted great with rice. Very homey combo.

Win Son
Big Chicken Bun ($13) with fermented tofu mayo and herbs. This chicken is super dark and super tasty. It could be more juicy but the flavor made up for it. Bun was the best part – pineapple buns are traditional Taiwanese sweet breads (not sweetbreads). The sweet and salty combo was bomb.

Win SonBeef Roll ($14) with braised shank, scallion pancake, egg, and A LITTLE LESS OF THEIR AMAZING FRIED GARLIC THINGS. Beef rolls are usually really, really good (you really can’t go wrong with braised shank wrapped in scallion pancakes), so this roll didn’t wow me too much. I’ve had better ones in Chinatown where the scallion pancake is more like a scallion pancake (more scallions, less wet).

Win Son
Taiwan Beer ($4) in its original can. Can is pretty hipster, like H.K. Fitting that she got it with a baby glass.
Win SonBreakfast of Champions ($12) aka. peanut milk, el dorado 8 year, rum cream, and toasted coconut. Tasted really great at first, creamy and slightly sweet. Rum made me feel all warm and fuzzy (but could have had more rum – it’s a pretty light cocktail). Toasted coconut got soggy quickly :(

All in all, a fantastic meal.

Sidenote: K.C. and I took an uber pool back and I had to sit next to two strangers while definitely smelling like all those little fried garlic things.

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