Who is Shi?

Hi there.

I am a food fanatic living in New York city.  My love and passion for food was very much a result of my parents’ and grandparents’ upbringing.  Though they don’t realize it, or admit to it, my family members are all very much what we would describe to be “foodies.” I remember being thrown in the back of our car while my parents drove across town in Beijing for over an hour just to eat at a little spicy crab restaurant (this was common in the Shi’s household).  We would often travel the distance and take the time to ensure a delicious meal.  When cooking at home, we always used the best ingredients we could find.  My grandma even made sure we had a constant supply of fresh Sichuan peppers as she mailed us batches of peppers monthly from Sichuan, China’s spice capital.

Just like how some people are visual learners, I found that my memories are most vivid when they are remembered through food.  I started documenting my life through pictures of food and found that I could remember all my conversations and emotions through these pictures.  The best restaurants are those that can freeze time for me as I get lost in my appetite and experience food with my friends and family.  My blog began as a private space for me to document my life through food and has evolved into something that I now love sharing with all of you!

This blog brings you both good and bad food adventures in New York and other places around the world that I have traveled to.  I also blog about my experiments in the kitchen while I pretend to be a chef.  Chef Shi?  Maybe one day.

Keep fooding around!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.