Westville East, get your share of veggies here.

Westville East
173 Ave A
New York, NY 10009

Both Westville locations are so incredibly popular.  They are especially known for their market vegetables.  You can pick four of them for $14 (used to be $12, I believe!).  Your choices range from lemon grilled asparagus with parmesan, to soy glazed green beans, to korean cucumber salad, and roasted beets with walnuts.  There is always a huge list to choose from and I don’t know anyone who goes to Westville and doesn’t get the market vegetables.  Pictured above is the full plate of brussels sprouts with honey dijon, cauliflower dijonaise, artichoke hearts with parmesan, and fried plantains with cojita cheese.  I think because I cook Chinese food almost every week night that I’m not as enamored with the plethora of sauteed veggies.  They’re good and I like that I can get a variety, but they’re not amazing.  I’ve had better sides elsewhere.  This is just convenient and great for the price.  The brussels sprouts were a bit soggy and too drenched in honey dijon (very sweet…).  The cauliflower was still very hard.  I tend to like my brussels sprouts crisp and my cauliflower soft… maybe it’s a preference thing?  Next time I’m going to get the mixed mushrooms with leeks & herbs, pesto mashed potatoes, sauteed cherry tomatoes, and the tomato basil mozzarella salad.  Sometimes I just don’t have enough veggies during the week but also can’t bear the thought of eating another salad…

E.C. got the Smokey Mac and Cheese ($8).  It wasn’t smokey and could’ve used a teeeensy bit more salt but otherwise it was great.  I like the rigati pasta shape because it gave it a little more of a bounce.  The noodles were al dente and tasted chewy with the melted cheese.  Why don’t they add the traditional bread crumbs on top?

I’ve also had their Grilled Cheese ($7.50), which is a cheddar and gouda blend melted on a portuguese muffin (like an English muffin).  I had ordered this for delivery and by the time it got to me, the muffin was completely soggy from the condensation.  Didn’t taste great but I’d be willing to give this place a third try… just because it seems to be the only homestyle cooking kind of restaurant in this neighborhood.

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