Wafels & Dinges (Pagadder Cart)
City Hall Park
(Lafayette and Reade St.)
New York, NY

Y.P. is visiting in New York and being the good tour guide I am, I made sure to have her try Wafels & Dinges. Wafels & Dinges is the first truck that I had in the city and has remained one of my favorites, even with all these new trucks parading the streets. I’m not a huge dessert person so if I’m not sharing with LAW (in which case we always get the bacon maple syrup one), I always get the Wafelini ($3). For just $3, I get the cutest, perfectly sized wafel with two toppings. The wafel is always crisp on the outside, warm, and just every so slightly sweet. The center is not airy like IHOP or cafeteria-made wafels. It is dense and almost a little cakey but chewy, like how a real Belgian wafel should be. If I didn’t get two free toppings, I would probably be more than happy with just the wafel itself.

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