Umami Burger ON MY COUCH thanks to OrderAhead!

Umami BurgerMy good friends A.H. and A.C. both work at OrderAhead, an exciting food startup that is coming head to head with Caviar. Those of you who don’t know, these are food delivery startups that, well, deliver food to you. Unlike Seamless, they deliver food from places that don’t typically offer delivery services, places like ABC Kitchen, BCD Tofu House, and Taverna Kyclades. I’ve been hesitant to try these services because of the added delivery fee but my friends gave me some delivery credit so I obliged. What I came to learn is that $6 isn’t so much, especially if you’re splitting it with a friend. Physically getting to a lot of these restaurants would take way more than that. As much as I like a great meal out, I am also a homebody who loves enjoying food on my couch. Prior to OrderAhead, if I wanted to order in I would have to settle on overly-sweet-Thai-food or fishy-sushi (not the good kind of fishy…) or mediocre pizza. The time for shitty takeout is over! Smell ya later Chinese takeout box.

Umami BurgerLAW and I ordered from Umami Burger because I’ve never had it before, don’t care to ever go out of my way for it (because Shake Shack is my one true love), and because it doesn’t typically deliver to us. I placed my order from the OrderAhead app, which is simple and pretty intuitive to use.

Service was also pretty impeccable for delivery. A couple minutes after I put in my order, I got a call from OrderAhead about a specific dish request I had. I also got a text from the team telling me the delivery man, Takwaun, had picked up my order and was on the way. I read that they are working on getting tracking available for your order so you know exactly where it is. Very helpful to know my order isn’t just sitting around! Especially when I’m hangry (which is almost always right after I put in an order).

Umami Burger
We ordered the Truffled Beet Salad with truffled ricotta & goat cheese, smoked almonds, wild baby arugula, and truffle dressing ($7 in store, $7.85 through OrderAhead – note that prices are a little higher through delivery). Order came in pretty good shape with dressing on the side. I think they forgot our almonds though…

Umami Burger
We also had the Truffle Fries ($5.5 in store, $6.20 for delivery). Fries are not great for delivery… they came cold, hardened, and stale. Flavors were still good but Umami really is obsessed with truffle huh… slight overboard on an ingredient in my opinion. It’s like putting bacon on everything on your menu. It’s bound to be good but also bound to get old real fast.

Umami BurgerWe shared the Original Umami burger ($11.50 in store, $12.90 for delivery) with parmesan frico, shiitake mushroom, roasted tomato, caramelized onions, and Umami house ketchup. Flavors were amazing in this burger. The parmesan sheet was salty and crispy. Tasted great with the perfectly medium rare cooked patty. Patty was beefy and very tender. Shiitake mushrooms were so strong that I think they almost detracted from the burger a bit… but I love shiitakes so can’t really complain. Housemade ketchup was delicious and brought all the flavors together in this tomatoey embrace.

Umami BurgerWe also shared the Truffle burger ($12 in store, $13.45 for delivery) with truffled aioli, house truffle cheese, and truffle glaze. It was good… but I was so truffle’d out by this point.

OrderAhead makes it really easy to skip lines from busy restaurants and eat your favorite foods from the comfort of your home.  The delivery fee is a flat $6, which sounds pretty hefty, but if you take into account the travel cost of going to the restaurant and the usual ~18-20% tip that you would add to your bill, $6 is a pretty good deal. Your first order has its delivery fee waived AND my beloved readers, if you use my promocode, WSE3, you get $3 off your first order!

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