The Ultimate Brainwich

Monday was a big day for me.  I needed some serious brain power to get me through the day.  Some people go for a run in the morning.  Others get their dose of coffee.  I make sure I have a good breakfast, full of rich brainy ingredients.  After perusing the top 10 best brain foods, I decided to make the Ultimate Brainwich.


  • Whole grain English muffin – helps to improve circulation and contains essential fibers, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Eggs – help to improve memory
  • Avocados – promote circulation
  • Smoked Salmon – helps build brain tissue to increase brain power
  • Light Mayo – errrr… to make my wichy a little creamier
  • Salt, pepper, and a bit of rosemary – for taste!
With improved circulation, keeping my brain operating at peak levels, enhanced memory, extra brain power, and fibers to keep me full, I left home feeling like the Brain from Pinky and the Brain, except happier and better looking.

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