Taiwanese Club Sandwich

I randomly decided to buy pork floss from HK Supermarket the other day because it is possibly one of the greatest comfort foods.  I grew up eating this and always felt that we, the pork floss and I, had a very special relationship.  It was a little weird like I was*, kind of funny looking**, and often misunderstood***.  It was also always looking out for me.  Anytime a bland food would force itself upon me, Pork Floss would always be on the rescue to make life a little sweeter, saltier, and tastier.


Anyway, with Pork Floss readily available in my kitchen cupboard, I decided to make a Taiwanese Club Sandwich for brunch.  This is a type of sandwich that you can find in every bakery in China or Chinatown.  Like the banh mi from my last post, this is a East-meets-West fusion kind of sandwich.

How I Made This Tasty Sandwich:

  1. Toasted two slices of oatmeal bread
  2. While toasting, I fried an egg, making sure it would turn out about the size of a slice of bread
  3. Spread a thin layer of mayo on one slice of toast
  4. Put the fried egg on top of the mayo-ed up slice of toast and cut the combination in half so that I had two triangles
  5. Added fresh lettuce and thin slices of tomatoes to each triangle
  6. Sprinkled on some pork floss to one wedge
  7. Cut the other slice of bread in half so that now I had 4 triangle wedges of toast
  8. Rearranged slices of toast on top of each other until I had a cute little Taiwanese Club Sandwich (and an extra wedge of bread…) to wolf down



**think round glasses, braces, and center-parted bangs… this was a long time ago!

***the word, “floss,” sounds a bit gross … but it really is just dried meat – like pork jerky!

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