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Homemade Spicy Short Rib

Mama Shi bought me some short rib a while ago when she was visiting. I’ve never made short rib before. The recipe I decided on, a fall-off-the-bone slow-cooked short rib, required so many additional ingredients that I have just avoided it as much as I could. It has stayed in the freezer since. Meat can be such a headache to cook.  This past weekend, K.C. made us all some Korean bbq short rib with a very simple recipe and inspired me to finally take these ribs out. I reinterpreted K.C.’s delicious recipe to make a Sichuan version.

The night before cooking, I took out the ribs from the freezer and coated them with soy sauce, sugar, mirin (like rice wine but lower alcohol content and higher sugar content), sichuan chili pepper, scallions, green horn peppers, and garlic. Continue reading Homemade Spicy Short Rib

Saucy Short Ribs and Tomato

First time making this. Was also a litttttttle tipsy when I was cooking so just threw a bunch of things together. Luckily it turned out well! Marinated short ribs with some soy sauce, brown sugar, and cooking wine. Then sautéed the meat until the outsides were all browned (medium rare). Added the tomatoes and got a nice juice that mixed well with the rib sauce that was forming from the marinade and the rib fat. Once the meat was about medium, still somewhat soft and chewy, I threw in some garlic to give it a little kick. Turned off the fire soon after before the garlic browned because I wanted the taste of fresh garlic with the ribs. Then voila! Bon appetite!