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Taiwanese Club Sandwich

I randomly decided to buy pork floss from HK Supermarket the other day because it is possibly one of the greatest comfort foods.  I grew up eating this and always felt that we, the pork floss and I, had a very special relationship.  It was a little weird like I was*, kind of funny looking**, and often misunderstood***.  It was also always looking out for me.  Anytime a bland food would force itself upon me, Pork Floss would always be on the rescue to make life a little sweeter, saltier, and tastier.


Anyway, with Pork Floss readily available in my kitchen cupboard, I decided to make a Taiwanese Club Sandwich for brunch.  This is a type of sandwich that you can find in every bakery in China or Chinatown.  Like the banh mi from my last post, this is a East-meets-West fusion kind of sandwich.

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Scallion Pancakes with Pork Floss and Sichuan Peppercorns


I’m back!  I have been away on an Asia adventure for Christmas and New Years and have come back with lots of food to blog about.  I will start with my first meal at home.  The image featured at the top of my blog is what I call a typical Shi’s familiy brunch. The image from this post is how we make our scallion pancakes.  It is a less greasy version of what you typically see in Chinese restaurants in the States.  The dough is made with boiling water, which is apparently one of the “secrets” to Chinese cooking.  Making the dough out of boiling water gives the dough more elasticity, making the end product chewier.  Boiling-water-dough is often used to make dumpling/potsticker skin.  In addition to scallions and salt, we also add Taiwanese pork floss to give the pancake a slightly sweet flavor and a bit of Sichuan peppercorn powder to give it a numbing kick.  While in the pan, we sprinkle sesame seeds all over the pancake so that they are toasted by the time the pancake is ready.  Crispy on the outside, extra chewy on the inside, sweet, salty, and spiceful is how I like my scallion pancakes.