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Sundaes & Cones – great homemade ice cream with lots of Asian flavors

Sundaes & Cones
95 E 10th St
(at 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10003

After a 20 hour work day, right after an 18 hour work day, the weekend arrived and the sun came out to play.  I had the usual at Soba-Ya for lunch and decided that I really wanted some ice cream.  Normally, LAW suggests that we get a tub of Haagen Dazs and make root beer floats at home but no, that day I wanted some real ice cream served to me by the scoop.  I wanted hard ice cream as well, none of that mushy soft serve stuff that I usually love from Mickey D’s.  I yelped the best ice cream places closest to Soba-Ya and found Sundaes & Cones.  It is rated 4/5 and has 465 reviews – solid.

The “Sundaes & Cones” name conjured up an image of a small-town ice cream place with families lining up for some good ol’ cookies ‘n cream.  It turned out to be an Asian ice cream place with a variety of interesting and unique flavors, such as black sesame, taro, ginger, Thai iced tea, green tea, mango, lychee, etc.  You get the picture.  Asian flavors aside, they also have the usuals like vanilla, chocolate, cookie dough, etc.  But they also have flavors like avocado, corn, pumpkin, strawberry cheesecake… think Il Laboratorio (ice cream place in LES that reminds me of a hospital) but more homey.

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Doughnut Plant: Pistachio Cake Doughnut

Doughnut Plant
220 W 23rd St
(between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10011

Not really a doughnut person but felt like I had to try this hyped-up place when I stumbled upon it. They have both yeast and cake doughnuts. The yeast ones are lighter and fluffier (think Krispy Kreme) and the cake ones are much more dense (think Dunkin Donuts). I would normally prefer the yeast kind but the pistachio was only offered in cake style so I had to get the cake. The doughnut was nothing special. The pistachio was a great choice but I prefer the Sugar Sweet Sunshine pistachio cupcake (for those of you who haven’t had it, drop your things and get one now). Maybe cake style just isn’t my thing. It was dense and very sweet (also glazed when it really didn’t need to be). This gourmet-ified version is more hype than anything else.