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Gumbo Hidden in the back of a Dirty Casino

Oyster Bar
Palace Station Hotel & Casino
2418 W Sahara Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Dinner #1 in Vegas!  So in my search for something delicious and uniquely Vegas (as in one where they don’t have a sister restaurant in NYC… almost all the good ones do!), I found Oyster Bar, a restaurant tucked in the back of the Palace Station Hotel & Casino.  I had never been to Palace Station nor heard of it so did not know what to expect…   Palace sounds grandiose enough and the restaurant is rated so ridiculously well everywhere that in my mind, I pictured somewhat of a decent looking place.  I was very wrong.  The Palace Station is a smokey, dingy casino filled with unattractive drunks.  I was very skeptical that we had been taken to the right place… until I stumbled upon a huge line starting at… some bar.

The Oyster Bar is literally, a bar.  It is TINY.  Fits about 15 people around the bar and is right next to the slot machines.  It was about 10:00pm when we got there and we did not order until 11:30.  Craziness!  What could all the fuss be about…


They specialize in southern seafood dishes like Gumbo, Pan Roasts, and Chowders.  They have a really neat cooking machine (see bottom left and right) where they cook each dish to order (very impressive and unexpected for dishes like gumbo) in these attached metal bowls that heat up very quickly and swing down to speed the serving process.  By the time we got to sit down and order, I was miserably hungry.  And I really do mean miserable. Continue reading Gumbo Hidden in the back of a Dirty Casino