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Oyster Mushrooms and Ground Pork

Experimented with these large oyster mushrooms I found in Chinatown. I didn’t really know how to make them but remember eating them at home. I marinated some ground pork in soy sauce, brown sugar, minced ginger, soy bean paste, and cooking wine. After about 10 minutes, heated up some oil and threw in the ground pork. I added slivers of shallots, hoping to take away some of the porkiness. Shallots are also just delicious. When the ground pork was about ready, I threw in the ouster mushrooms. The pork was so flavored that I didn’t have to add anything else. The mushrooms cooked very quickly and added moisture to the dish.

Springy and more dense than normal mushrooms, these mushrooms really seem act like meat. The dish went very well with rice.  Next time I will use less sugar because the mushroom itself already has a sweetness to it.