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Sunday Night Dinners, light and quick.

Generally speaking, my Sunday night dinners always tend to be lighter and healthier to make up for my gluttonous weekend.  Though, the photo above is slightly deceiving because LAW and I each had at least two more servings of what is displayed… each, plus lots of great olive bread from the farmer’s market.  But lots of salad and corn and fish isn’t too heavy, right??

This was my first time cooking non-salmon fish.  I’m a bit of a noob in the fish-cooking department but hope to be an expert someday because I love fish so very much.  Scrod was on sale at the supermarket so we decided to try it.  Despite its severely unappetizing name, it’s actually quite a normal fish.  Wikipedia describes it as a “young cod, haddock or other whitefish, split and boned.”  Fair enough.  I like cod, why not give it a shot? Continue reading Sunday Night Dinners, light and quick.