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Balthazar, a NYC Classic for Brunch

80 Spring St
(between Crosby St & Broadway)
New York, NY 10012

The first time I came to NYC as an “adult,” I was a college sophomore rebelliously skipping Friday classes to make the 5-hour trek to the big city. The only meal I distinctly remember having was at Balthazar. We went for dinner and I remember it feeling super NYC… busy, trendy, with a hint of stuffiness. I hadn’t returned since…until Y.N. invited me to join her and L.N. for brunch. LAW and I decided to go for the bread (they have a bakery next door known for its baguettes) and for the company, of course.

Y.N. read my mind and asked if we could share the bread basket ($21.00). L.N. was on the same page and had apparently already asked for a bread basket… on the house. L.N. manages a number of restaurants in NYC, including Dos Caminos (which I need to check out), so he has the hook-ups. For a bakery that supplies so much bread to numerous restaurants and cafes in Manhattan, I expected more from Balthazar’s bread basket. It wasn’t bad. The croissant was buttery and light. The pecan sticky bun was fresh and properly glazed. The golden raisin walnut bread was dense and flavorful. But nothing stood out… the breads weren’t particularly moist, chewy, soft, or crusty. The bread wasn’t hot or cold. It was room temperature. Really nothing to write home about. Continue reading Balthazar, a NYC Classic for Brunch

Pulino’s: Funghi Breakfast Pizza

282 Bowery
New York, NY 10012


Funghi Breakfast Pizza (eggs, mushrooms, pancetta, creme fraiche, grana)


Much better than I thought it would be because the reviews were very so-so!  I wish the egg was spread out better so I wouldn’t have to do it (then again, I wouldn’t be able to sneakily take more egg for myself either…).  Pancetta was a very good/necessary ingredient.  The saltiness of it cut the creamy creme fraiche, grana (a type of cheese… sometimes called Parmesan -french- or Parmigiano Reggiano -Italian- … pretentious much?), and eggs so it wasn’t so nauseating.


Crust was decent but tasted extra yummy because of the chili oil they had on the side.  After a few bites, I noticed that the chili oil tasted exactly like Lao Gan Ma sauce (a Chinese sauce every Chinese know/should know about).