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Mighty Quinn’s, Manhattan’s BBQ joint

Mighty Quinns
Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue
103 2nd Ave (between 6th and 7th street)
New York, NY 10003

Mighty Quinn’s has been in my neighborhood for more than a year now yet I had not gone until just recently. It wasn’t until Chrissy Teigen (my major celebrity crush) posted that she came with John (because Chrissy is my crush, I am on a first name basis with John too) that I decided I needed to go asap. The line is always really long but it moves quickly. I would definitely consider this a fast food kind of place. Food is ready made and tables are first come first serve. (Btw, I didn’t have my camera with me so have these gritty iPhone pictures.)

Mighty Quinns
Nice to see fresh vegetables in the kitchen.

Mighty Quinns
LAW got the Brisket Sandwich ($8.75), which seems to be the crowd favorite as seen on Yelp and first hand at the restaurant. The brisket is sliced in front of you after you order and you see the fatty juices gush out onto the cutting board. Looked very promising but ended up tasting mediocre. It lacked flavor (which is made up for by the gallons of Mighty Quinn’s BBQ sauce on all the tables) but was very tender. The bun was cold and dry, which definitely didn’t help. Sad, sad disappointment.  Continue reading Mighty Quinn’s, Manhattan’s BBQ joint

The Everyday Farmer’s Market in Beijing

Shuang Yu Market
When I first moved back to the US, I remember “farmer’s markets” being all the craze. I would hear things like, “Oh, I got these beautiful fingerling potatoes at the farmer’s market today!” or , “I like knowing that my tomatoes are from a farm just a couple hours away from me.” It sounded a bit pretentious to me at the time, but then I realized that my family shops at a so-called “farmer’s market” in Beijing for all our groceries. It isn’t a novel concept, nor is it a new-age health or sustainability craze, it’s just the way a lot of people buy groceries in China.

Welcome to Shuang Yu Market, the local market by my home in Beijing.

Shuang Yu Market
Bags of man tou, or steamed buns, in the back of a van.

Shuang Yu Market
Locksmith and key duplication.

Shuang Yu Market
The fresh meat hall where  we get all of our pork. Freshly ground pork, ribs, spine for stew, etc. Continue reading The Everyday Farmer’s Market in Beijing

Homemade Spicy Short Rib

Mama Shi bought me some short rib a while ago when she was visiting. I’ve never made short rib before. The recipe I decided on, a fall-off-the-bone slow-cooked short rib, required so many additional ingredients that I have just avoided it as much as I could. It has stayed in the freezer since. Meat can be such a headache to cook.  This past weekend, K.C. made us all some Korean bbq short rib with a very simple recipe and inspired me to finally take these ribs out. I reinterpreted K.C.’s delicious recipe to make a Sichuan version.

The night before cooking, I took out the ribs from the freezer and coated them with soy sauce, sugar, mirin (like rice wine but lower alcohol content and higher sugar content), sichuan chili pepper, scallions, green horn peppers, and garlic. Continue reading Homemade Spicy Short Rib

Pylos, a Greek gem in the East Village

128 E 7th St
(between Avenue A & 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10009

PylosStarted with this glass goblet of some Greek wine that the waiter suggested. I told him I like my wines like how I like Beyonce – full bodied, which is exactly what this wine was. Great for a cold spring night.PylosOur meal began with complimentary piping hot soft pita with creamy hummus on the side. This is something I would pay for as an appetizer. It tasted even better because it was free.

PylosWe ordered the Htapothi Scharas ($16), a classic grilled, marinated octopus with a balsamic reduction sauce and capers. It is the most expensive appetizer on the menu but is so highly recommended by all Yelpers that I had to get it. And they were so right. The octopus was DELICIOUS. Continue reading Pylos, a Greek gem in the East Village