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Bouchon Bakery: Lemon Tart and more

Bouchon Bakery
10 Columbus Cir, 3rd Floor
(between W Central Park & Broadway)
New York, NY 10019


Bouchon apparently means “stopper” in French.  Not quite what I was expecting out of such a pretty word.  Bouchon?  Bouchon.  I could say it all day.  Boooo-shaaaungg.  Beautiful, just beautiful.


This lemon tart was equally beautiful.  The crust was not too sweet and was crumbly, which is only ever good when it is a crust (crumbly cookies?  No, thank you.).  The gooey lemon center was probably more tart than expected but only because I always tend to prepare myself for the worst: overly sweet pastries.  Why would you get a lemon tart if you wanted something super sweet?  Bouchon understands me.  The tart was very lemony, creamy, and had a nice sharp zest to it.  The top was covered with a  fluffy marshmallow meringue.   Continue reading Bouchon Bakery: Lemon Tart and more

Cornflakes and Marshmallow Treats

These little treats are definitely take up a slice of my childhood memories. My friend’s mom would always bring them to school parties and birthday parties. They are crispy and chewy and slightly sweet. My mom didn’t really know how to make American desserts so I could only have them on special occasions. I assumed that these were difficult to make because they gave me bursts of happiness in every bite. I realized when I was a bit older they are actually SUPER easy to make and only lazy moms probably brought these to potluck functions.


Anyhow, was craving my childhood today and made a sweet and salty version by using salted butter. Mmm…