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Fancy Hot Dog Party

I’m not that much of a party pooper.  I did in fact celebrate July 4th like any good ol’ American.  I also watched Katy Perry dance around on stage in an American flag dress… it was interesting to say the least…  Anyway, when deciding what we should do, the first thing that came to my mind was obviously what we should eat.  What’s American?  Hot dogs!  We also wanted something that would provide some sort of entertainment, and not purely sustenance.  What’s fun?  A challenge!  LAW, P.Y., D.T., and I had a Fancy Hotdog Party followed by some button smashing on an old N64.  We each designed and made our own type of hot dog and shared it with the group, culminating in a glorious sausage fest (not that kind).


While the rest of us were in the kitchen prepping all the ingredients, LAW stole the ingredients and made hors d’oeuvres.  Here I present to you his creations: 1) Rosemary Triscuit, pepperoni, mozzarella, olive oil, and red pepper flakes; and 2) Rosemary Triscuit, guacamole, and sour cream and onion potato chips.  Both were deeeelicious.  Guac + sour cream and onion was surprisingly amazing together.  Then again, what isn’t good with guac?

Hence, I decided I wanted to make a GREEN MACHINE for no particular reason other than the fact that I wanted to use avocados and wanted a cool name for my dog (clearly not very creative here).  I bought limes because they were on sale and are green.  I also bought jalapeños because they are green and would add a nice kick to my flamin’ hot dog.  I turned the avocado into guac with some raw onions, lime juice, and salt.  I topped the guac with fried jalapeño peppers.  When you fry jalapeños, they tend to get a little sweet.  Unfortunately I didn’t have sugar, otherwise I would have used it to add even more sweetness.  Sugar also helps to caramelize the peppers.  Since LAW stole my guac for his crackers, I stole some of his bacon… no longer a Green Machine but definitely tastier.

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Happy 236th birthday, America!

Though I was born and partially raised in the US, I still don’t feel quite fully American.  The red, white, and blue does not resonate as mine… nor does the red and yellow of the Chinese flag.  I’m stuck somewhere between, like many third-culture kids.  But nonetheless, America, you have provided me and my family with so much love food and care food.  Thank you and happy birthday!!

I’m going to be ironic and post about my favorite Chinese breakfast dish (well… one of my favorites) on this glorious birthday.  This dish, 牛奶鸡蛋 or Milk and Eggs, is something my grandpa always made for me because it is, in his mind, the most extravagant thing you could make for breakfast.  It contains milk, sugar, and eggs, three things that were so rare in his lifetime and my mother’s childhood that it has, to this day, remained special in our family.  Essentially, you poach an egg in milk.  Milk tends to burn very quickly so you must boil it over low heat.  Once the milk is boiling, you add sugar and crack a fresh egg in it.  You let it cook for a few minutes and turn off the heat.  You serve it immediately in a bowl.


When you eat it, you break up the poached egg so that the yolk spreads… making the milk taste faintly of egg.  The process of boiling milk makes the milk taste extra creamy so that even skim milk tastes whole.  Gosh this is so good.  Sometimes we add a little bit of oatmeal to the milk so that we get a little more fiber and texture.  Mmm…


Alright, off to the festivities.  I’m going to have a fancy hot dog party so stay tuned for my post on that.