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Okonomi: a perfect Japanese breakfast

150 Ainslie St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

We were told the wait was two and a half hours. We waited two full hours. And. It. Was. Worth. It.

Okonomi is a tiiiiiny little Japanese restaurant tucked away on the north side of Williamsburg. It opens from 9am-3pm on weekdays, and 10am-4pm on weekends (at night, the restaurant becomes Yuji Ramen). It serves only traditional Japanese ichiju-sansai set meals for breakfast and lunch. “Ichiju-sansai” literally means  “One soup, three dishes”  – aka a healthy set meal.

I was pretty skeptical with the raving reviews. How good could breakfast really be? I did my little Yelp search beforehand and saw all the photos. The food looked pretty and small – usually the opposite of how I like my food. We got there at 10:30am on a Saturday and already saw a long line forming out the door. Someone sat outside with a suitcase – that’s when you know the place is good. That person NEEDED to eat here before jetsetting off.

Two full hours later, me, N.T., B.J., and A.H. got seated across from this couple.

You can only order the ichiju-sansai (set menu) (~$30), but can choose your fish. We had a choice of Spanish mackerel, some kind of tilefish, and a sashimi over rice bowl. I got the Spanish mackerel, which is pictured here along with all the other dishes. (FYI those flowers were real :)) Continue reading Okonomi: a perfect Japanese breakfast

Daily Juice

Daily Juice
329 14th St
(between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003

Daily Juice is a tiny little juice bar tucked away on the east side.  It serves up a variety of bubble teas, smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices, and wheat grass shots (see the neat rows of fresh wheat grass growing in the back?).  It’s owned by a Chinese couple, who recently shut down the bar for two weeks to get married.  Clearly not a large standardized chain place like Kung Fu Tea or anything.  And for my bubble teas, where standardization is very important (level of sugar, ice, ratio of tea to milk, etc.), I do prefer the Kung Fu Tea chain.  BUT, for fresh fruit and vegetable juices, Daily Juice really does it correctly.  They don’t add any sugar or syrups and always have very fresh fruits and vegetables handy.

I always get the large celery, spinach, and apple juice.  It includes like… four stalks of celery, a large handful of spinach, and two apples.  Insane.  I tend to get it when I feel like I haven’t been getting my share of vegetables.  The apples sweeten up the juice quite a bit so that you feel like you’re actually drinking juice… and not a meal.  It’s very refreshing.