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Grandaisy Bakery: Cauliflower Flat Bread and Mini Pumpkin Pie

Grandaisy Bakery
250 W Broadway
(between Moore St & Beach St)
New York, NY 10013

A friend of mine introduced me to this bakery a couple of months ago with a box of almond cake and shortbread sandwich cookies. I went to the bakery for the first time this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find a breath of fresh air hidden in this New York bakery. The bakery is quite large and is very spacious, unlike most New York bakeries and cafes where they try and squeeze as much as they can into a tiny space to earn more bang for their buck. The windows are full length and wrap around the entire corner of the bakery, bringing in a lot of light. Tall standing tables are scattered to be used for a quick bite.

The Cauliflower Flat Bread was so delicious! The dough is very QQ – soft and chewy with a slight crispiness around the edges. The toppings were extremely flavorful and brought out a deeply fragrant taste of cauliflower that is often hidden behind too much salt. I’m craving more of this bread the more I think about it.

The pumpkin pie tart was also very yummy. It wasn’t as spiced as I typically like my pumpkin treats but it was definitely still a very tasty tart. Not too sweet at all (probably not sweet enough for the average American) and a nice dense consistency, I also wouldn’t mind having another one of these right now…