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Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery
1000 3rd Ave
(between 60th St & 59th St)
Manhattan, NY 10022

Anyone who lives in NYC knows that the long lines stretching around the block from Magnolia Bakery consists of tourists and more tourists. The bakery is most known for having been featured on Sex and the City as well as the Devil Wears Prada, not for their cupcakes. I had a bite of a Magnolia cupcake at a company birthday party once and confirmed that I never had to visit. The cupcake was dry. That’s enough of a reason.

Well, Y.P. was in town and wanted something from here despite my warnings. I told her, fine, I hear the banana pudding* is great, just don’t get the cupcakes. She ended up getting  two mini cheesecakes: Pumpkin Pecan with Ginger Snap Crust and Red Velvet with Chocolate Cookie Crust ($6.50 each).

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Two Little Red Hens – my favorite cupcakes in the city

Two Little Red Hens
1652 2nd Ave
(between 85th St & 86th St)
New York, NY 10028

I’m on a roll with favorites.  My last two blog posts have all been favorites.  One was about my favorite pizza place, and the other about my favorite burger.  Let me know if you agree or disagree!

This post will be about my favorite cupcake place in NYC.  This, I imagine, will be somewhat controversial like my burger post… it’ll hopefully bring out some cupcake loyalties and will reveal who all of Two Little Red Hen’s legitimate competitors are.  The only qualm I have about the bakery is that it is so damn far away.  I’ve only been a few times, mostly as a side-stop after a visit to the MET or in this case, a visit to my friend B.G.’s gym.  He does a full afternoon workout + double-zumba session every Saturday and I thought I’d join.  Not going to lie, a big reason for why I went was that I would have an excuse to travel all the way uptown for some cupcakes…

While ordering, I was really wishing I had a sweeter tooth and/or cupcakes didn’t rely on freshness but neither of those are the case so I left the bakery with just these little gems.  The large cupcake is their Banana Cupcake, which is my absolute favorite.  I get it every time I come.  They actually had a fresh batch just as I got in, a sign from the gods that we were meant for each other.  The two small ones are the Brooklyn Blackout and the Peanut Butter.

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Butter Lane Cupcakes

Butter Lane
123 E 7th St
(between 1st Ave & Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009


Took a baking class with a friend. These are my masterpieces. We made three kinds of cake (vanilla, chocolate, and banana) and six kinds of frosting (vanilla with fresh vanilla bean, chocolate with 60% cocoa, cream cheese, homemade raspberry preserves and vanilla, chocolate peanut butter, and cinnamon cream cheese).  The class was small and intimate.  The cupcakes were alright… I’ve never gotten a cupcake at Butterlane before so am not sure if they are just hiding their secret ingredient from the class, or if their cupcakes are just sub-par.