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Clinton St. Baking Company – not so good the third time.

Clinton St. Baking Company
4 Clinton St
(between Avenue B & Houston St)
New York, NY 10002


I’ve already briefly reviewed this place and like most people who have tried this place, I raved about it.  I’d like to caveat that the last time I visited Clinton St. Baking Company, I had more or less just moved to NYC and had yet to try the myriad of brunch places around.  And gollyyyyyy does NYC have a LOT of brunch places.  This time around, CSBC was not so yummy, particularly compared to a place like Prune.  Also, if you plan on checking out CSBC on a weekend, be prepared to wait 2 hours.  I would say that is the standard… I’ve been told that some have waited even longer during peak hours, which are from 10-2pm.  I recently went again on a weekday with a few out-of-towners* and only had to wait about 45 minutes…


They are most well-known for their pancakes, and I’d have to say, they probably do have some of the best pancakes in the city.

They are fluffy and thick (not the crepe-like kind) and have that nice glazed exterior from a heavily buttered pan.  Don’t be fooled by the syrupy looking blueberries… They taste very fresh and are not too sweet at all.  For those of us with a stronger sweet tooth, the pancakes are served with a warm maple butter that is seriously delicious.   I don’t even like pancakes that much but felt that these were worth ordering and probably the only thing worth ordering.  We were all savory-dish types so we ordered the pancakes to share – something I would definitely suggest as I could never eat an entire order.

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