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In-N-Out’s Second Chance


3102 Sports Arena Blvd
San Diego, CA

Last time I had In-N-Out in my adult life, I blogged about it and pretty much expressed severe disappointment. I was just in San Diego for A.C.’s graduation (congrats!!!! feasting on Xi’an’s noodles when you get to NYC) and the first thing we ate when LAW and I landed was In-N-Out. It was 11:00PM when we arrived and we drove straight from the airport to In-N-Out.

Heeding the advice of all my Facebook friends who left hateful comments on my last In-N-Out blog post, I got the Double Double Animal Style. The first time I went I had a Single Animal Style, not knowing how thin the patties are. With the double, the ratio of bread to meat is much, much better. In-N-Out tastes like a GREAT backyard BBQ kind of burger. The meat isn’t as beefy tasting as Shake Shack’s, but it is also less greasy. The vegetables are super fresh and they are certainly generous with it (not one, but two slices of tomatoes). Continue reading In-N-Out’s Second Chance

Hong Kong Street Cart (Madison Sq. Eats): Beijing Ya bun

Madison Square Eats is a month long food festival right by Madison Square Park. There are about a dozen vendors, including Waffles & Dinges, Momofuku Milk Bar, Red Hook Lobster, Roberta’s Pizza, Sigmund’s Pretzels, The Cannibal, etc. – a ton of yummy food. I was walking past here before dinner but just had to get a snack…

The Beijing Ya bun is a soft steamed bun with roast duck, minced shrimp, scallion, cucumber, and sweet and salty Peking sauce. It is a modern play on the traditional Peking duck wrap, which usually consists of roast duck, scallions, cucumbers, Peking sauce, all wrapped into a very very thin flour “tortilla.” This Peking Ya bun uses a soft, fluffy steamed bun instead of the “tortilla” and is a bit heavier and sweeter but is still delicious. The sauce was a bit too sweet for my taste and the duck was by no means anything extraordinary. The bun was still tasty… You can’t really go wrong with roast duck, and Peking sauce. Though $4 a bun is a bit too pricey in my opinion. I’d rather go to Ippudo to get the $4.50 pork bun.