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Bibble & Sip: An Alpaca Cafe with lots of matcha and lavender (and alpacas)

Bibble & Sip
Bibble & Sip
253 W 53rd St (8th Ave)
New York, NY 10019

J.S., my super trendy fashionista friend (check out her blog!) who also loves to eat and drink coffee, introduced me to Bibble & Sip. She had me at “alpaca.”

Bibble & SipBibble & Sip is a cute coffee shop in Hell’s Kitchen (I know, cute+coffee shop+Hell’s Kitchen almost never go together) that serves up lots of unique, delicious things like earl grey banana bread, pistachio cake, earl grey panna cotta, matcha latte, lavender lattes, etc. The theme seems to be tea-infused things…. yumz. It is also RANDOMLY alpaca themed.

Bibble & SipI spy with my little eye… an alpaca.

Bibble & Sip
I made R.Y. come check it out with me recently and we got these pretty cups of matcha latte and lavender latte.  Continue reading Bibble & Sip: An Alpaca Cafe with lots of matcha and lavender (and alpacas)

A slice of home…made banana bread

After returning from a week of tortilla chips, tortillas, guacamole, more tortilla chips, more tortillas, and meat meat meat, I have craved fresh salads and homemade banana bread.  Banana bread is probably one of my favorite baked goods because it is soooooo incredibly easy to make, sooooo incredibly easy to alter (Chocolate chips?  Coconut flakes?  Walnuts?  Dates?  Been there, done that), tastes so g-damn good, AND puts all those gnarly looking bananas to good use!

Banana bread is the first baked good I learned to make and is one that I will continue to make forever and ever.  I have always used the same recipe and have never rarely failed.  I don’t remember where this recipe is from but I love it because it uses yogurt (not to replace butter, never replace butter!!!!!!!!!) to help tenderize and keep the bread moist. Continue reading A slice of home…made banana bread