Shawarma Mediterranean Grill Flame House (longest name for the tiniest place)

Shawarma Mediterranean Grill Flame House
Shawarma Mediterranean Grill Flame House (right by Prospect Park)
212 Prospect Park W
Brooklyn, NY 11215

A good while ago, before my trip to Iceland with LAW, N.T., and G.B., we decided we needed to prep for the upcoming intense hiking by doing some local hiking in … Prospect Park. So maybe it wasn’t so intense, but we pretended it was by taking a bunch of well-planned, well-cropped photos. Before we started our rigorous day in the park, we stopped by Shawarma Mediterranean Grill Flame House, which seemed to be a local favorite.

Shawarma Mediterranean Grill Flame House We got off the F train and found this tiny restaurant. 

Shawarma Mediterranean Grill Flame HouseThe restaurant is really a shack that only offers take out. There’s barely any room to stand when you open the door to order. There was a line of people ahead of us who looked like they were each ordering take out for their hungry families at home. I was pretty excited.

Shawarma Mediterranean Grill Flame House
Forgive me for the terrible, uninformative photo, but this is the chicken shawarma ($5.50). It was difficult trying to balance my camera, unwrap my food, and take a photo with mittens on… but let me tell you, this is one juicy, flavorful, deeeelicious shawarma. The shawarma wrap was thin, chewy, a little stretchy, and very warm. The chicken was tender, moist, and seasoned just right. The tahini sauce was delightful, with a hint of garlic and nuttiness. Everything about it was great.

Shawarma Mediterranean Grill Flame House
LAW got the lamb shawarma ($5.50). With a second set of hands, I was able to get a much better photo. Again, my greatest downfall of a foodie (disliking lamb) makes me an unfit judge of this shawarma. But I had a bite, and it was just as juicy and flavorful as my chicken one. The lamb flavor was actually not overpowering so was good for someone like me. Notice the cross section of the shawarma bread. So chewy. I could eat just that with some hummus or babaganoush, which apparently, are also popular things to get here.

Next time you stop by Prospect Park, I encourage you to grab a few shawarmas on your way over!

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