Seoul Food Truck – Midtown Lunch

Seoul Food Truck
51st and Park Avenue
New York, NY

Seoul Food Truck parks right near my office during lunch so S.X., K.C., LAW and I decided to check it out today for our fun workday lunch.  Seeing friends on weekdays is so much more exciting than weekends, not that weekend dates aren’t fun.  There’s just something special about taking an hour out of your work day to see someone familiar, someone you don’t have to turn your work-face on for.  Anyway, it was warm out and I wanted a Korean burrito so we went.

So, I’m actually obsessed with Korilla, Seoul Food Truck’s main competitor, and so directly compared this Sweet and Spicy Pork burrito to Korilla’s Spicy Pork burrito.*  I ordered the Sweet and Spicy Pork in a whole wheat wrap with brown rice and spicy mayo.  I don’t know why I was trying to be healthy with the brown and wheat given that I was eating a burrito, go figure.  Anyway, If you click on that Korilla link, you can compare these two burritos side by side.  Visually, you’ll notice that this burrito is much fuller and packed than Korilla’s.  It has more meat, more rice, and less veggies.  However, I still like the Korilla one more.  Here, my friends, is an example of why more isn’t always better.  The meat in this one was so sweet and drenched in sauce that it made the burrito slightly nauseating.  I noticed this about their meat the last time I tried Seoul Food Truck when I had their slider.  Their vegetables also included a ton of raw onions, which was not the greatest for the work day meal… situation aside, the taste was also just too sharp.  I like that Korilla gives you more fresh greens to give the burrito a more clean and crisp texture.

Nonetheless, I wolfed down the burrito because I was starving and you really can’t go that wrong with rice and spicy pork. I’m really just being picky.


*I know that Korilla recently revamped their menu so they no longer have the spicy pork burrito.  They’ve renamed their burritos so that they have fancy names like the Rib-Eye of the Tiger and the Porkinator.  Must go try again soon.

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