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It’s my last day in PDC.  I’m going to do a quick post and leave for brunch at this place that sells 1 liter smoothies for 35 pesos, about $2.70.  I plan on doing a massive post on Wednesday documenting my whole trip so stay tuned!  As for now… SNACKS:

Empanadas for the road, 17 pesos each.  We got a chorizo one, a spinach and cheese one, and a chicken one.  The spinach and cheese was by far the most flavorful.  All were pretty damn good though, even the thick crust… I liked dipping it in the chimichurri sauce (top right).  I always thought empanadas were super heavy but these were very light.  I think they key is that real Mexican food does not use as much cheese as American Mexican food.

Cinnamon sugar churros are one of my favorite things, especially from Disneyland where it costs about 3x what it should.  These churros were smaller in length and width and were extra deep fried.  They were sooooo good.  The cinnamon sugar was a little less sweeter than the US versions which, as you should know by now, I prefer.  From what a friend told me awhile ago, apparently cinnamon sugar churros are an American thing.  Real Mexican churros are plain and dipped in chocolate.  I had those before in Cabo and… a small restaurant in Boston.  I like both though the chocolate one is probably more of an adult snack because the plain churro is surprisingly slightly salty and the chocolate is delicious bitter dark chocolate.  Here on the touristy streets of PDC, they only had the cinnamon sugar version.

ELOTE!  Amazing corn on the cob.  Though the corn wasn’t grilled, it was verrrryyyy sweet and tender.  The cob was smothered with mayo, cotija cheese, and this smokey chili sauce – deeeeeelicious.  The next day, I decided I needed to have this snack again but got the corn in a cup instead; I saw all the locals eating it this way.  Essentially a ton of corn is tossed in a cup with the above ingredients.  Makes eating it a lot easier.  The elote actually tasted very different from the ones I get in NYC, say at Cafe Habana.  It is less limey and more smokey.  Both are equally delicious.

Trip Advisor (oh, Trip Advisor, more on this lovely site in Wednesday’s post) rated Ah Cacao as the #2 best restaurant to visit in PDC.  I had to visit.  I’ve also been eager to try some Mayan chocolates … apparently the first chocolate beverage was created by the Mayans over 2000 years ago.  They drank it pretty much how the Chinese drink tea – ALL THE TIME.  Their chocolate drink was bitter, cold, and frothy.  The Mayan chocolate drink was made by grinding cocoa seeds into a paste, then mixing it with water, cornmeal, and chili peppers, and finally pouring the drink back and forth from a cup to a pot until a thick foam formed.  Everyone drank it.  The rich just had it in prettier cups.


And lastly, HOT NUTS!  I probably browsed for over an hour at this small grocery store trying to find “local junk foods.”  LAW kept rolling his eyes and telling me that everyone here does in fact eat Doritos and Ruffles like we do and that I wouldn’t be able to find a tasty “local” junk food.  Well, I FOUND IT!  HOT NUTS!  These are the most interesting nuts I have eaten.  They are essentially Japanese peanuts, which are peanuts individually covered in a batter that is probably baked (?) to crunch perfection.  They taste mainly salty but a little sweet as well… anyway, the Mexicans clearly love it and have created their own version that adds another layer: lime and chili powder.  Every bite was like a little burst of flavor.  YUM.

Okay, off to smoothieland.  Be back soon!


3 thoughts on “Playa del Carmen: Snacks

  1. There is a new Churros place in playa del carmen
    it’s on the 5AV between 2 and 4.
    ” Churros bueno ”
    Thay have spacial creams like : Kinder Bueno Cream! ! !
    enjoy :)

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