Pigs in a Blanket for Valentine’s Day? Be mine!

Brooklyn PiggiesBrooklyn Piggies
195 Ave A (between 12th and 13th)
New York, NY 10009

I was walking down Avenue A and the words “LOVE” and “PIGGIES” and “SPICY” jumped out at me (naturally). Those three words are some of my favorite things and someone was offering them for Valentine’s Day?!

Brooklyn PiggiesForget chocolates, pigs in a blanket are the way to a true woman’s heart. This tiny little restaurant just opened a little over a week ago on Ave A and specializes in pigs in blankets. 

Brooklyn PiggiesThe restaurant is called Brooklyn Piggies. I assume they’ve been around at Smorgasburg for a while, hence the “Brooklyn.” East Village is its only brick and mortar location.

Brooklyn Piggies
There are three kinds of sausages: original, spicy, and chicken.

  • The original consists of both beef and pork, is lightly smoked, and mildly seasoned.
  • The spicy is 100% pork, more heavily smoked, and seasoned with garlic, paprika, and a variety of peppers.
  • The chicken is, of course, 100% chicken, and made with oregano, basil, fennel seeds, and parmesan.

Brooklyn Piggies
I got all three for $5 (that’s $1.60 ish apiece). This is a huge markup from the usual frozen pigs in a blanket that you can buy in bulk from Costco, but the quality is also a big step up. The sausages are all super flavorful and unique. After every bite, I had to reevaluate which was my favorite. The original is a classic. The spicy is SO flavorful and smokey. The chicken is herby and juicy. They definitely got the sausage ingredients right. All the mini dogs are wrapped in a light puff pastry (caressed with buttery goodness), which LAW decided could be a little more substantial because the ratio of bread to meat is a bit low. Looking back, I agree with his opinion. The sausages are all so flavorful, it would be nice to have more breading to coat them.

Brooklyn Piggies
There are also three kinds of homemade condiments: catsup, mustard, and bbq. I tried all three and other than the bbq, which was too sweet for my taste (legit, dessert sweet), they were great. The catsup tasted actually like tomato paste. Think marinara but thicker. The mustard was like a dijon, mildly spicy and creamy.

So, my overall review is that this place is pretty awesome. It’s a little expensive, but I actually don’t know where I’d get a better pigs in a blanket unless I made them myself. Despite this, I’m not sure how long they can last in an area saturated with amazing restaurants. If I were them, I would expand the menu so that people can actually get a full meal there. I’m thinking giant pigs in blankets… Pigs in lettuce wraps? Pigs in cornbread?

Okay, long story short. If you haven’t made plans yet for Valentine’s, you should probably run on over to Ave A and get a tray of these little guys.

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