Peanut Butter Cookies with Sea Salt and Olive Oil

What to do when a hurricane “rips through” town? Bake cookies. I had a serious lack of ingredients (see previous post) so had to find something I could bake that did not require eggs or butter. I kept trying to look for a vegan strawberry bread recipe but could not find any that did not require applesauce (something I obviously didn’t have). It took me a good fifteen minutes for me to remember I had peanut butter. How could I forget? Peanut butter is the ultimate emergency food. It does not require a refrigerator, is jam packed with nutrients and calories, and is amazingly delicious.

I ended up baking these chewy cookies (based off of with brown sugar, olive oil, sea salt, and natural super crunchy peanut butter (the recipe had asked for maple syrup but, again, I did not have any). I added a bit of water to the original recipe hoping to make a more moist cookie (not a fan of crispy/crumbly shortbread types). I think they came out pretty well. Crisp on the outside, very soft on the inside, slight sea salt aftertaste, a good number of diced peanuts to add a bit of crunch, and very peanut buttery. I even did the little fork mark thing people always do. Not sure why it’s needed but I felt like I needed to for my first batch of peanut butter cookies.

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