Parisi Bakery, over 100 Years Strong.

Parisi Bakery
198 Mott St
(between Kenmare St & Spring St)
New York, NY 10012


If you read my last post on the Meatball Shop, you’ll know that the Meatball Shop completely changed my outlook on meatballs.  Since having them, I didn’t think meatballs could get any better…each meatball type that is served at the Meatball Shop is put through a rigorous selection process and emerged as a winner.  They don’t serve sandwiches and pasta with meatballs; they serve MEATBALLS with bread and pasta.  Well, here is life lesson for you: it is possible to be even better than the best.

Their meatball hero is orgasmic.  The bread is soft Italian bread that is chewy and dense, but fluffy at the same time.  Apparently, “whenever Frank Sinatra was in town, he would send one of his daughters down in a limo to pick up four loaves” of bread from Parisi.  The meatball sandwich is lined with a thin layer of mozzarella to protect the bread from the tasty marinara sauce and of course to add a bit of creaminess to this tomatoey sandwich.  The meatballs are SO incredibly tender, not crumbly at all, and if you give it a little squish, will feel that they are a little springy.  I’m seriously salivating just thinking about them.  Be right back, need to wipe down my keyboard.


Just kidding.  Totally kidding.

Parisi Bakery opened over 100 years ago and has been providing New Yorkers with top notch Italian specialty foods and fresh bread.  This is a family-run business and has been for 3 generations – one grandson of the founder is the head baker and the other runs the deli!  Being inside the bakery transports you back to a different time… a small town time… When you walk into Parisi, expect to see the owner chatting with a regular customer about some neighborhood  gossip.  Yes, they are supposed to be open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 5pm, but don’t be too alarmed when you show up at 4pm on a Saturday and they are closed.  Maybe business was slow that day or the owner just needed to run out.  It can be frustrating but also adds to the charm of the small town bakery.

While you can purchase ingredients and bread separately, they also have an awesome deli that puts together the most amazing Italian sandwiches.  They are particularly known for their chicken cutlets and make a mean sandwich called The Dennis, which includes THREE chicken cutlets on a hero with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes, and balsamic or pesto.  I have not tried this orgasmic sounding sandwich yet because every time I’ve gone, they have run out of chicken cutlets!  LAW has had it a number of times and always makes me salivate when he talks about how delicious the sandwich is.  Their eggplant parm is also supposed to be fantastic.  The sandwiches are all roughly $10 (sounds like a lot for a sandwich from a small deli) but they all weigh about the same as a baby.  I need to go back ASAP and much earlier so I can try The Dennis!  But of course, if you often eat lunch too late and dinner even later, definitely get the Meatball.  I PROMISE that you won’t be disappointed.

Btw, don’t be alarmed by the Yelp reviews of this place regarding poor service.  You’d probably have to have no sense of humor at all and a huge stick of your … to complain about the service of this tiny Italian American deli that doesn’t even have a bar for you to eat at.  I love the way the people behind the counter are very direct with you when you order!

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