Not bad, Brother Jimmy!

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ
116 E 16th St
(between E Union Sq & Irving Pl)
New York, NY 10003


We wanted to watch the game.  I wanted some ribs.  The guys wanted some beer.  And so off we went to Brother Jimmy’s!

Notice how I angled my camera so that the focus of the photo is the brussels sprouts.  These brussels sprouts were a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  They were pan fried to crispy perfection and there was a ton of them.  This plate is the Combo Rib Platter ($21.75) which consists of three types of ribs, two sides, cornbread, and pickles.  The three types of ribs were Northern Style (smoked and grilled with bbq sauce), Southern Style (smoked with memphis style rub), and Jimmy Style (smoked with Jimmy rub).  I tend to like the saucier ribs over the dry-rubbed southern style ones because dry rub is easily made too tough.  The memphis-style rub actually tasted better the next day with our Chinese meal at home.  I slow roasted it in the oven a bit to warm it up and softened the meat.  It tasted a little like Chinese 蒜香排骨 (garlic ribs): a little sweet, salty, crispy, and sliiightly spicy.  Yum.  Again, brussels sprouts were amazing.  It also made me feel like I was having a healthy meal… veggies, protein, and sweet potato!  Fries were good.  Crisp on the outside and mushy on the inside.  Corn bread was good…. but not as good as….

…the hush puppies.  Moist on the inside and perfectly fried on the outside, these balls of goodness were so tasty.  Add a bit of whipped sweet butter… mmmMmmm…

LAW got the Sliced Brisket (17.95) with half marbled and half lean brisket smoked up to 12 hours.  His two sides were baked beans and mac ‘n cheese.  The brisket was surprisingly good.  It was tender, well-flavored, and tasted very smooth.  The two sides were not exceptionally special but definitely got the job done.

I have to admit, I did not expect the food to be good at all.  When I used to think of Brother Jimmy’s, I thought of ex frat boys pre-gaming for a night out on the hunt for a girl.  The food turned out to be pretty decent!  Next time I come, I’d probably just order the brussels sprouts and the hush puppies.  And maybe steal bites of LAW’s brisket when he isn’t looking.

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