Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery
1000 3rd Ave
(between 60th St & 59th St)
Manhattan, NY 10022

Anyone who lives in NYC knows that the long lines stretching around the block from Magnolia Bakery consists of tourists and more tourists. The bakery is most known for having been featured on Sex and the City as well as the Devil Wears Prada, not for their cupcakes. I had a bite of a Magnolia cupcake at a company birthday party once and confirmed that I never had to visit. The cupcake was dry. That’s enough of a reason.

Well, Y.P. was in town and wanted something from here despite my warnings. I told her, fine, I hear the banana pudding* is great, just don’t get the cupcakes. She ended up getting  two mini cheesecakes: Pumpkin Pecan with Ginger Snap Crust and Red Velvet with Chocolate Cookie Crust ($6.50 each).

They weren’t bad. The texture was like a cross between cheesecake and pudding… it tasted slightly gelatinous. The ginger snap base was a little too hard and so was difficult to break off with our plastic utensils. The pumpkin was very light and surprisingly not very sweet at all. It was even a little too mild for me. I would’ve liked more cinnamon and nutmeg and maybe even a little extra sugar. It kind of tasted like straight-up pumpkin puree. The red velvet had a more gelatinous texture than the pumpkin. The cookie base was slightly softer than the ginger snap so was easier to eat. Flavor was good, very vanilla-y and cocoa-y. Oh, and I almost forgot, the whipped cream on top was actually very good. Quite shlag-like: light and creamy and not too sweet. Definitely better than the cupcakes. But not worth the trip unless you’re in the area already and desperately need a dessert fix.


*Speaking of pudding, if you haven’t gone to Puddin’ on 7th between A and 1st, check it out. Their banana pudding is bomb. Also with fresh bananas, whipped cream, graham cracker crumbs… mmm…

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