Mad for Chicken is healthier – but do you want healthier when you’re looking for fried wings?

Mad for Chicken
314 5th Ave
2nd Fl
(between 31st St & 32nd St)
New York, NY 10001

Checked out Mad for Chicken with M.B. and Y.N. this week. I was told by a number of people that Mad for Chicken is better than BonChon. BonChon is my favorite wing but loyalty to food is not a trait I find in myself. It’s a meritocracy here. The best wins in my book. We started with a corn on cob with parmesan and lime. Corn was naturally sweet, which tasted great with the saltiness from the cheese. Though, Mad for Chicken isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel here.

We then just ordered the Mad Combo of 5 drums and 10 wings ($21.95). We did half soy garlic and half spicy. Very similar to BonChon’s offerings.

Mad for Chicken’s whole differentiator is that it’s much healthier than other fried chicken brands. The homepage of their website says:

“Our chicken is less greasy and yet crispier compared to other fried chicken in general. Furthermore, the sauce does not stick to your hands as much. Our sauce is based primarily on soy sauce, garlic, and various fruits; thus our sauce brings also healthy benefits in addition to exceptional taste.”

Maybe because Mad for Chicken is slightly healthier (but only just slightly), but I don’t think it tastes as good as its competitor. I went into the meal totally ready to drop BonChon4LyFe but that didn’t quite happen. The wings are actually pretty similar. Both have that great exterior crust that bursts of flavor. Both come in the same soy garlic and spicy combos. Both are finger-licking delicious. But my big disappointment was that the spicy wings are not nearly as spicy as BonChon’s wings. Sure, it’s healtheir: the crust was maybe a little thinner and I think it was less greasy tasting. But if I’ve signed myself up for wings for dinner, I don’t think healthy is anything I’m looking for. Slightly healthier wings is not a selling point.

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