Le Farm: BACON CLAM BUTTER. That is all.

Le Farm
Le Farm
256 Post Road E
Westport, CT 06880

Yes, that address is right. My travels for food have extended to Connecticut.

Le Farm
The restaurant is cozy in a completely different way New York restaurants are cozy. New York cozy is like dark, chic cozy. Le Farm is homey cozy. I felt like I actually walked into a grandmother’s home (who happens to also have really good taste).

Le Farm
J.L. raved about this place before taking us so I let him kind of guide the ordering. He ordered the Fried Risotto Balls with bacon-clam butter and fried garlic ($13) for the table. Ugh, typing those ingredients makes me salivate for that sauce. The bacon-clam butter combo is seriously the definition of umami. Why wasn’t there free bread so I could soak up the sauce? Why wasn’t there MORE of the sauce so I could take leftovers home and toss it with a pasta? 

Le Farm
The fried risotto balls were fried just enough so that there was a crisp shell but not a thick cakey thing. Risotto was a little on the soft side. It could have been a bit more al dente but I really couldn’t care less because anything with that bacon clam butter tasted faaamaaazzzinggggggg.

J.L. and S.M. both ordered the burger ($18), which J.L. claims is the best burger of all time. I didn’t get a good photo (was in a rush to eat my entree!) but photo aside, I am still not totally impressed. I didn’t get to try it, but it looks fairly … fine? Bun looks like a thinner brioche. Patty could be great but the ratios are all off for me. I need a smaller patty and a bigger bun (ie. Shake Shack).

Le Farm
M.S. got the Stonington Scallop Crudo with lime and white soy creme fraiche and shaved broccoli ($16). It’s a bit deceiving to serve this as an entree because it’s pretty unsubstantial. I feel like the total scallop content might just be about one large scallop? Not sure how the lime and white soy creme fraiche tasted, but I do love shaved broccoli. I do this at home and roast my broccoli. The stem of the broccoli is particularly sweet when shaved down like this!

Le Farm
And finally, here is my entree. I got the English Muffin with Benton’s bacon, farm egg, Millstone pickles, and cheddar ($12). It’s the most expensive breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had and probably also one of the best… I told everyone that I needed to try Mickey D’s Sausage Egg McMuffin again to be sure, which I did two days later… back to this later.

Le FarmThe muffin is probably homemade. It’s chewier and softer than Thomas’ English Muffins. The BACON really sealed the deal. It was medium cut, crisp, and so flavorful. There were only two-ish pieces of bacon I think but every bite seemed to have a burst of that salty goodness. Cheese was nice and sharp, but there was just too much. My poor Asian stomach couldn’t handle it so I had to take some off. The egg. I like runny eggs but in a sandwich, that’s just too messy. As John Legend says, “The egg should have no more wet yolk.  I love yolk-y eggs but they don’t work well for the sandwich because it gets kind messy.”

Anyway, it was still yumz. Very good. Definitely a hefty price for a breakfast sandwich, especially since… (J.L. is going to kill me) I think Mickey D still does it better (for a quarter the price!).

I want to come back for more. The risotto balls themselves are worth the second trip, and I just get a feeling that everything else on the menu will be worth trying.

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