L’asso EV, I really wanted to like you.

edit: btw. I’m heading to Playa del Carmen this week so will be posting about my amazing Mayan food adventures instead!  I’m going to try and keep up with my Mon/Wed/Fri posting schedule but am sending out a warning that I may not be able to because I may not have consistent internet and I just maaaaaaaay have better things to do than sit at a computer and write for you all.  Please forgive me.


107 1st Ave
(between 7th St & 6th St)
Manhattan, NY 10003


I really wanted to like this place.  They are rated with 4.5/5 stars on Yelp.  I read all about the amazing brussels sprouts pizza and if you follow my blog, you know that brussels sprouts are my weakness.  I’m also all for trying new things and with potato chips and smoked mozzarella on the menu, I couldn’t resist.  I biked downtown with my roommates to check this place out as soon as we could.  I was peddling extra fast because I was that excited to find a new potential “favorite” pizza place.

  This is the Mégane.  The menu lists the following toppings: brussel sprouts, bacon, smoked and regular mozzarella, rosemary, extra virgin olive oil.  I was disappointed with how little brussels sprouts there were and how MUCH effing mozzarella cheese there was (none of which was smoked, or tasted smoked at least).  Bacon was good, no surprise there.  Crust was very mediocre, not soft or crisp.  Rosemary?  What rosemary?  Brussels sprouts were soooooo sparse I had like two bites of them per slice!  And each bite consisted of a tiny fraction of a wilted brussels sprout… not even crisp on top or anything.  Meep.  I was so, so sad this wasn’t great.

Tartufo: portobello mushrooms, pesto, choice of smoked or regular mozzarella, rosemary, truffle oil.  We didn’t get a choice of which mozzarella to get … I should’ve asked but completely forgot, so we ended up with regular.  Truffle oil was fantastic, again, no surprise there.  Mushrooms were good but could’ve been sliced thicker so that the shroomy texture would emerge.  But nooooo… they were super thin, as if the chef wanted to show off his slicing skills or something.  I barely tasted the shrooms because of his/her amazing skills.  And please take a look at the cheese on the picture on the right.  It’s like a thick congealed layer… the pizza came to the table lukewarm too so the cheese wasn’t all melty and delectable anymore.  I seriously prefer my pizza with mozzarella chunks spread about, not completely covering the pizza.

Culo Di Porko: tomato sauce, mozzarella, crispy prosciutto, scallions & extra virgin olive oil.  This pizza was actually pretty good.  I liked the crispiness of the prosciutto but it was a little too salty.  Scallions were great!  Really gave the pizza a little kick.  Tomato sauce was nothing too special, not sweet nor sour.  It made the crust really soggy because the crust is so thin but not crisp…

Would I ever come back again?  No, probably not.  It’s slightly more expensive than Luzzo’s and is not nearly as good.  I appreciate their creativity in pizza toppings (scallions, brussels sprouts, etc.) but you seriously have to learn how to make a solid pie that doesn’t get all soggy in 5 minutes before you begin to add on the fancy stuff.  Someone, please tell me how they are rated so well?!

Oh – I normally don’t comment too much on service because I like to focus purely on the quality of food… but the waiter took away all our plates and gave us our check before one of us had even finished.  Rude.

4 thoughts on “L’asso EV, I really wanted to like you.

      1. thick crust, but still awesome. the cheese is under the sauce, and the pie is baked on a cast iron pan coated with olive oil, creating this juxtaposition of gooey and crispy textures in every bite. you will not be disappointed.

        if you’re a thin crust person, their round pies are equally as awesome. better than most traditional round pies in manhattan.

        but you cant really compare them to the artisan pizzas found in the more notable places like motorino. these are traditional pies.

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