Lan Larb: pretty damn legit new Thai restaurant

Lan Larb
Lan Larb
637 2nd Ave (between 34th and 35th street)
New York, NY 10016

Murray Hill is completely over saturated with Thai places, most of which I qualify as TOTS (take-out Thai standard – as in decent pad thai, pad see ew, and basil rice). I rarely order anything else because TOTS places don’t have much else to offer that is good. I miss dishes like steamed lemongrass fish, phat kaphrao (this spicy stir fried ground pork with lots of basil), and LARB. Luckily, a place called Lan Larb opened up near my place. I generally think that if you name your restaurant the name of a food, you are damn good at making that food. Decided to check out the larb!

This (above) is larb. Larb is actually a Laotian dish of minced meat, fish sauce, lime juice, roasted ground rice, and lots of sweet raw onions. It was delicious here. The dish has a great combo of sweetness from the fish sauce and onions, acidity from the lime, and spice from the… spice. The roasted rice was delicious and added a great crunch. I could totally just have this with a bowl of rice and be very, very happy.

Lan LarbWe also ordered the crab fried rice, which came with huge chunks of fresh lump crab. Very tasty and not too greasy! Was great with the larb.

Lan LarbCraving the steamed lemongrass fish I always get at authentic Thai restaurants from home, I settled for this crispy basil and garlic whole fish. This was good, but was my least favorite of the three dishes we had. The fish was a red snapper I believe and tasted very fresh. It was unfortunately doused in this thick sweet sauce that overpowered the fish. Not a fan.

Lan LarbWe shared a Thai iced tea that was sweet, thick, and very strong. It was a great drank to wash down the spice and garlic from everything.

Definitely will be back to try the other things on the menu. They have a bunch of things I haven’t heard of – always something that gets me excited. Prices are also very reasonable. They don’t have a menu online yet so I can’t tell you exactly how much each thing costed us but our meal ended up being less than $40 for two!

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