Japadog, take two.

30 St Marks PL
(between Cooper Sq & Astor Pl)
Manhattan, NY 10003

Here’s Japadog’s second chance. I came here almost a year ago when it first opened and wasn’t too impressed. We were actually taking F.H. and A.H. to Soba-Ya but got there 15 minutes before it opened for lunch so needed to kill some time. Japadog is right around the corner and happens to open slightly earlier than all the neighboring restaurants – smart.

We shared the mini Terimayo dog and Yakisoba dog (I think they only offer the mini during lunch). The Terimayo is Japadog’s signature dog with teriyaki sauce, mayo, and seaweed. The mayo they use is that sweet Japanese kind, paired with the sweet teriyaki sauce, the dog was overwhelmingly sweet. Because the four of us shared the dogs, the sweetness served as a nice appetizer to our meal at Soba-Ya. I would not order this if I intended to eat all of it as a meal. Clearly in the mood for soba, we also got the Yakisoba dog, which is an arabiki sausage topped with soba noodles. Arabiki sausage is a common Japanese smoked sausage that is often sold in packs in supermarkets. I didn’t expect to like the soggy looking noodles drenched in another sweet-ish sauce but was surprised at how well the sausage went with it. I guess I should have known better because I love ramen with sausage.

Japadog, take two, was better than the first take. I think because the ingredients are so heavy and the fact there is a lot of sauce involved, Japadogs should only be eaten immediately after being served (unlike my first time where we carried the dog all the way home). No one likes a lukewarm sausage.



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