Ippudo: Wasabi Tonkotsu Ramen

65 4th Ave
(between 9th St & 10th St)
New York, NY 10003

I wanted to try something new at Ippudo because I always get the Modern. The Modern is a tasty milky pork broth with a hint of roasted garlic flavor. I have also tried the Miso and the Chicken Broth ones as well. Both are good but do not compare to the more flavorful Modern. We were all craving ramen but did not want to make the trek to Totto so ended up at Ippudo. The Wasabi Tonkotsu ramen was the perfect “try something new” ramen because it was delicious and different. The soup was infused with Wasabi and the ramen was the curly kind, not the straight kind you usually get at Ippudo. Definitely have a side of their seasoned soft boiled egg because it is the best!  Lines are usually crazy long.  We went at around 11pm and still had to wait.

But seriously, if you really want some amazing ramen, check out Totto.

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