Okay, watch this first.

Now try not to think about the song while you finish reading my post.  It’s going to be difficult.  This catchy catchy (that wasn’t a mistake, it is in fact catchy catchy) tune was written and performed by my talented musician friend, Brad Go, and shot by the one and only LAW+Hags!  I tagged along during the location scout and after a tiring afternoon of sitting in sofas and lying in beds, we ate at the awesome Ikea Restaurant.

Pictured above is my tray of delights.  Clockwise, we have a simple salad, honey mustard and ketchup, Dryck FlÄder (Elderflower drink), Swedish Meatballs, Crack Pie, Fork and Knife, Ikea Furniture Shopping List, and Lingonberry Juice.

The Ikea Restaurant is really more of a cafeteria.  Families come to re-experience school lunches with brown trays and lunch ladies who plop your food on generic white plates.

For $3.99, you get 15 meatballs served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and lingonberry sauce.  There really isn’t anything extremely special about these meatballs but every time we come to Ikea, we feel the need to get them.  They are, after all, Swedish!  They are bouncy and (song still in your head?  Ikeaaaaaaaaaaaa, Ikeaaaaaaaaa!) have a very consistent consistency which consistently consists of … not too sure.  Apparently these meatballs are made of everything but the kitchen sink (my guess is some kind of pork, eggs, bread or flour, salt and pepper, onion, nutmeg?).  The lingonberry sauce is very similar to cranberry sauce, so similar that I suspect the authenticity of the label… mashed potatoes are creamy and taste good with the meatballs and berry sauce.  Not a bad deal for $3.99.

We also tried the BBQ ribs ($6.99) which included half a rack with BBQ sauce smothered all over it.  The sauce was finger-lickin’ good and the meat, though didn’t exactly fall off the bone, was tasty.

Crack pie!  Okay not actually made with crack, and not similar to Momofuku’s Crack Pie at all, but extremely yummy nonetheless.  Layers of flakiness are sandwiched between layers of lemon … pudding? and topped off with marshmallows and chocolate.

You should watch the Ikea Song video again.  In Youtube.  And then click on the product names, like Florea Fins and Bjursta, to find out how they came up with such names.  David Ikeasson explains all.


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