Hua Ji Pork Chop – my kind of Chinese fast food

Hua Ji Pork Chop
7 Allen St
New York, NY 10002

Woooooooooooo it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a ton of stuff to do before the weekend begins so I’m going to leave this quick and dirty gem with you.  Hua Ji Pork Chop is quick, dirty, and absolutely delicious.  It’s located pretty far down into Chinatown in a dingy little space that has bar seating enough for 6.  With $5, you get three pieces of crispy pork chop, taiwanese 雪菜 (snow veggies… a kind of pickled vegetable that always goes with rice and beef noodle soup.  Trust me it’s good.), and some meat gravy, all over a bowl of rice.  Oh, and a bowl of soup.  All of these items come in a plastic take-out container so you either wolf down your food and leave, or you take it with you outside and squat on the sidewalk and eat like a real baller.

And let me tell you.  It is damn good.  The pork chop is crispy on the outside and soooo very succulent on the inside.  It is juicy and flavorful.  Every bite deserves a nice big spoonful of rice to go with it because it is that flavorful.  The snow veggies add a little acidity (I hate using that word but it is what it is) to balance out the flavors.  Go get some now for lunch if you can.  I wish I could but I have no time, even though this is fast food.  Skip the Panda Express* and get some Hua Ji Pork Chop!




Don’t get me wrong.  I love Panda Express.  It’s probably the best American Chinese food out there.  Yeah, better than P.F. Changs fo’sho.  I had this in Vegas, not because I had no other options, but because we don’t have it here in Manhattan and I was craaaaaaaving it! But Hua Ji Pork Chop is on another level.

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