Hot ‘n Juicy Crawfish

Hot ‘n Juicy Crawfish
4810 Spring Mountain Rd
Ste C & D
Las Vegas, NV 89102

I realized I had never had crawfish before and was excited to hear about this place from multiple friends.  It fit under my criteria of “uniquely Vegas,” “delicious,” and “not too expensive.”  It’s right at the edge of Chinatown so you’ll need a car or cab to get to it.

The crowd seemed very local.  Everyone had their sleeves rolled up, plastic bib tied on, and was smackin’ their lips and lickin’ their fingers.  We ordered a pound of crawfish and a pound of shrimp, both in the Hot ‘n Juicy special sauce (you have other choices such as lemon pepper and juicy cajun).

The crawfish ($10) is steamed with a large amount of super tasty and spicy sauce.  Looking back, I wish I ordered some rice or rolls on the side so I could have soaked up the sauce.  We had ordered sweet potato fries for our carb instead.  Though the fries were good, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside, sweet potato didn’t go quite well with the seafood and sauce.  I needed something more bland.  The crawfish tasted very fresh and sweet but crawfish is just a bit too small… each one has meat about the size of a gum ball and takes quite a bit of breaking and peeling.  It was far too much work for too little reward.  We asked them to add two corns in the bag as well.  The corn was hot and sweet and tasted amazing with the sauce.

The shrimp ($10) was deeeeeelicious and huge.  Large pieces of sweet, fresh shrimp were drenched in that same deliciously spicy sauce.  Shrimp is much easier to peel than crawfish and offers a much greater reward.  Next time I come I will definitely need two pounds of this.


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