Homemade Stir-fried Japanese Tofu

I love Japanese Tofu (日本豆腐). Despite it’s name, it is actually a Chinese tofu made with eggs and soy milk. They are sold in tubes in Chinese supermarkets and are much more expensive than regular silken tofu – for good reason. The eggs make the tofu particularly smooth and silky and the extra protein makes it slightly more filling than traditional silken tofu. I also love the slightly eggy flavor. This was my first time making it and I’d like to say it was a success!

I cut the tofu into half inch slices and lightly fried each side in oil. Because of the egg content, the tofu forms a nice crisp exterior skin without any batter added. I then removed the tofu and cooked the ground pork, green peppers, green horn peppers (slightly bitter and spicy), and garlic. I added a sauce made with soy sauce, sugar, a tad bit of corn starch, and water. I then added the tofu back in and stir-fried it all together while adding some salt to taste. The sweetness from the soy sauce and sugar contrasted very nicely with the slight bitterness from the peppers. The protein from the eggy tofu and ground pork was filling and went very well with a steaming hot bowl of rice.

We also had leftovers of Big Tray Chicken from Henan Flavor (now Spicy Village) and rather than just heat it up, I decided to use the extra sauce and stir fry some noodles with it. The noodles aren’t as good as the original hand-pulled noodles from Henan Flavor but were still very tasty and converted the $12 dish into two very full dishes.

4 thoughts on “Homemade Stir-fried Japanese Tofu

  1. noodles look great.

    I just ate at a really good chinese restaurant called “Legends” in Chelsea last week. I’d recommend you check it out for real Chengdu/Szcheuan tastes.

      1. I will go to Legends with you! Heard such good things about it being an “essential” although also heard you should *not* order the fish soup….

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