Homemade Honey Soy Glazed Chicken

Soy Glazed ChickenI’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a while because it is friggin awesome and so so easy. It’s also great for cooking for larger parties too. I made this for our last roomie dinner where I had to feed 3 hungry boys, LAW, H.W., and B.A., and myself, one very hungry girl (I doubled the portion from this post for our dinner). The chicken only takes about 15 minutes to make and is extremely flavorful and juicy. It tastes great with a bowl of piping hot jasmine rice. Add some veggies on the side and you have yourself a pretty balanced meal. I got the recipe here but added more of most ingredients to amp up the flavor.

Soy Glazed Chicken
The recipe calls for garlic, fresh ginger, scallions, and red chillies. I cut up a lot of each, especially the garlic. The recipe asks you to use 2 cloves of garlic… I think I used something closer to 5…

Soy Glazed ChickenSo, after prepping your ingredients above, first step is to sear the outside of your chicken thighs over high heat. I made 4 chicken thighs because 4 is the maximum number that can fit with all thighs touching the bottom of the wok.  You want the bottoms to touch so that  you get a nice crisp exterior. Simply heat up some oil and sear both sides until they are brown. This should take about 4 minutes.

Soy Glazed ChickenNext, remove the chicken thighs and using the oil from the chicken, saute your garlic, ginger, scallions (save some for garnish), and red chili peppers until fragrant (over medium heat). The recipe asks you to add more oil but I felt that my chicken thighs excreted enough natural meaty oil. Use your judgement. Your kitchen should smell pretty damn amazing by now. Add in the chicken and saute just a bit to coat the chicken in the delicious oil.

Soy Glazed ChickenAdd 6 tablespoons of water, 5 tablespoons of light soy sauce, and 1 tablespoon of honey. I think I added nearly 2 tablespoons of honey because I wanted a stickier glaze. Increase the heat to high and bring to a boil. Soy Glazed ChickenOnce boiling, put a lid over the wok and cook for about 5 minutes.

Soy Glazed ChickenAfter your 5 minutes are up, take off the lid and turn the chicken. The bottoms should be facing up now (and should have a nice dark, glossy exterior already). Continue cooking until the sauce is reduced to just a sticky glaze. If your chicken thighs are really thick, you  might want to reduce the heat and cook for a bit longer to make sure the chicken cooks through. I did this immediately after I took the lid off my wok because the glaze was starting to burn.

Soy Glazed ChickenDone! Plate thighs and pour the rest of the sauce and chilies over the chicken.

I bolded the temperature changes because this is very important in making sure the chicken cooks without overcooking. The chicken will be surprisingly juicy and tender with lots of flavor. The water and lid combination traps in a lot of moisture and flavor while the initial and last bit of searing ensures an almost crispy exterior. My thighs didn’t have skin but I would imagine if you did, the skin would be crispy and garlicy, almost like a Bonchon.

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