Healthy Brunch Alternative: Hummus Place

Hummus Place
109 St. Marks Pl
(between 1st Ave & Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009


I wanted something healthy, but not a salad nor sandwich nor sushi.  I didn’t want to wait in ridiculous lines for an eggs benedict but also didn’t want a bad brunch.  After much debate (per usual), LAW and I decided to try Hummus Place right in St. Marks.  I knew that hummus was healthy and I read some good things… my main qualms were that I couldn’t imagine having hummus as a meal…  and LAW really wanted to try this place and I was in a disagreeing mood… but he won this one.Well, pictured above is what LAW ordered, the Hummus Mushrooms.  It came as a bowl of hummus topped with fat, juicy quarters of sauteed mushrooms, onions, spices… all doused in olive oil.  The dish comes with three pitas either in whole wheat or white.  Continuing with the healthy theme, we we picked whole wheat, which was actually more grainy than I thought it would be, a pleasant surprise! (I like grainy things like oatmeal and wheat germ).  It was also warm and soft and, I didn’t realize at the time, unlimited.  We later ordered more pita to finish the hummus but wasn’t charged – how nice!  The hummus is probably the best hummus I have ever had.  Smooth, creamy, and slightly spiceful.  The mushrooms were juicy and fat, adding a nice contrast in texture to the hummus.

I ordered the Aubergine Eggs, which included baked eggplant served on whole wheat pita, topped with two poached eggs and homemade tahini sauce.  It also came with a side of hummus and home fries.  My dish was a bit of a disappointment… the eggplant was bland and the tahini sauce was even more bland.  Luckily, their green hot sauce was deeeeeelicious.  I should have asked for more but I was distracted and forgot to.


The hot sauce tasted like crushed cilantro and garlic.  I could have eaten the whole thing with just some pita bread.  The “hot’ sauce wasn’t actually very hot and was more of a tasty garlicy paste.  The homefries were boring and mushy, no crisp edges to be found.  I ended up nibbling mostly at LAW’s mushroom pita combo.

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