Gusto Ristorante: Pappardelle with Shredded Oxtail Ragu, Rosemary, and Arugula

Gusto Ristorante e Bar Americano
60 Greenwich Ave
(between Perry St & S 7th Ave)
New York, NY 10011

Bought a $50 for $25 card off of Living Social for this one. I always get these foodie deals in my inbox but the restaurants featured are always average expensive places. I have a huge pet peeve against paying high prices for mediocre food. It just does not make sense to me. If you need a bit of ambience too, there are plenty of places with good food, nice ambience, and good prices.  It is pretty hard for a place to get high reviews if the food is more than $50 per person.  The food better be DAMN good and the place better be REALLY cool or EXTREMELY beautiful.  I still want to go experience the Phillip Johnson designed bar at the Four Seasons in NYC.  Even if a drink is at least $20… I need to see the crazy beautiful light/sculpture at the bar…

Anyway, Gusto is rated very well and is an Italian place. I have not found many good Italian places in New York… Daily Catch and Giacomo’s in Boston still win. Decided to buy the card deal and give the place a try. The place is very modern chic… beautiful mirrors, spacious seating, elegant lighting fixtures, and foreign waiters… Ambience, yes?  Yes. Food… This Oxtail Ragu is the Italian version I’d Xi’an Famous Noodles. Very very tasty tomato sauce with hints of oxtail, rosemary and garlic. The shredded Oxtail had a great balance of fatty and lean meat. The Pappardelle itself was a bit too thin (therefore not chewy or QQ enough). $19 for this pasta. A bit on the pricier side… Especially since portions were not huge. But with my card, we only had to pay tip. Ultimately spent $35 on an AMAZING grilled octopus appetizer (I don’t even like octopus) and two pretty great pastas. I may go back because the food was solid and the place was so pretty.  Boston still wins though.

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