Monkey Chocolates by Godiva

I interrupt my Hawaiian adventures with a brief commercial break. My favorite holiday, Lunar New Year, is coming up in just two weeks and Godiva was gracious enough to send me their Lunar New Year Collection again this year. I’ve been lucky enough to have sampled their last two LNY Collections as well as one of their Mid-Autumn Festival ones (see my posts on Year of the Goat and Horse aaaand Mid-Autumn Festival).

I must say, this year’s collection just might be the best one yet.

First, a little bit about why I love LNY. LNY is basically Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years combined into one glorious holiday. Families fly, train, bus all across the country to be with each other and, like Thanksgiving, eat. A LOT. My family typically does a huge meal for dinner and then ANOTHER entire new meal (no repeated dishes allowed) after midnight as the first meal of the New Year. Like Christmas, the older generation gives the younger generation red envelopes filled with $$$$$$$. Chinese people are very practical. You can then use that money to buy whatever you want. No fears of getting that sweater from mom you’ll never wear. (Okay but truthfully I do love a thoughtful gift >>>> $$). Like New Years, fireworks and firecrackers go off all across the country to “scare away” any bad luck. It’s the best of all three holidays combined. OH and I forgot – in China, everyone gets an ENTIRE WEEK OFF. That’s right, even the stock markets shut down for a few days. It’s beautiful.

GodivaOkay, back to chocolate. Every year, Godiva’s chocolate masters create three (dark, milk, and white) limited edition “ganache pieces” filled with Asian inspired flavors. This year, the flavors are:

  • Dark Chocolate Green Tea: “Luscious hazelnut praline coated in white chocolate ganache infused with green tea, covered in alluring 50% dark chocolate”
  • Milk Chocolate Pu-erh Tea: “Delectable macadamia praline with cocoa nibs surrounded by mellow, 64% Peruvian dark chocolate infused with aged pu-erh tea, coated in smooth milk chocolate”
  • White Chocolate Oolong Tea: “A center of sumptuous pecan and hazelnut praline with crunch soy nuts enveloped by 71% Ecuadorian dark chocolate infused with aromatic Oolong tea, covered in silky white chocolate”

Before I get to each chocolate, can we just take a brief second and recognize all the adjectives used to describe these chocolates? “Luscious hazelnut,” “delectable macadamia,” “sumptuous pecan,” “alluring” dark chocolate… you think the person writing the descriptions used a Thesaurus? :D

This is the dark chocolate with hazelnut white chocolate ganache infused with green tea. This is an adult’s chocolate. The first flavors that hit you are the bitterness from the dark chocolate and green tea. It’s a delicious kind of bitterness. If you like matcha, you’ll like this. The hazelnut white chocolate then comes through as a welcomed light sweetness.

This is the milk chocolate filled with macadamia praline with cocoa nibs and dark chocolate infused with aged pu-erh tea. This one is sort of the opposite of the dark chocolate green tea one. The first flavor that taste is the sweet, creamy milk chocolate. The center then hits you with a tinge of bitterness. If pu-erh was a type of wine, I would describe it as a very full-bodied red. You can imagine how lovely this chocolate then tastes.

GodivaAnd surprisingly, my favorite is the white chocolate. This is the white chocolate with pecan and hazelnut praline with soy nuts and dark chocolate infused with Oolong tea. I never like white chocolate but I always love Godiva’s white chocolate for some reason. It’s so damn smooth … This one also has little crunchy bits (glorified Crunch bar) from the pecan and hazelnut praline and soy nuts.

Actually… the milk chocolate might be my favorite. Actually… I’m not sure. The milk and the white are both amazing. The dark is REALLY good too but I can only have a bit at a time because of how intense the bitterness is from the dark chocolate and green tea. Or maybe I’m just not an adult yet.

If you want to pick up a box to try for yourself, or if you want to be a super nice friend, sibling, daughter, son, aunt, uncle… by buying a box for your friends and family, check out Godiva’s online store here. And happy early Lunar New Year!!

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