Godiva meets Lunar New Year

J.J.  recently invited me to the debut of Godiva’s limited edition “Year of the Horse” collection at Godiva’s headquarters in New York. I had never been to a chocolate tasting before – so this was pretty damn exciting for me!

Here are the gems:

  • a milk chocolate filled with crunchy almond praline, sour cherry, and a hint of honey
  • a dark chocolate filled with crunchy caramel pear ganache with a touch of vanilla
  • a white chocolate with macadamia cream and pineapple

I’m normally a medium dark chocolate person (like a 60-70% cocoa kind of girl) and completely anti white chocolate. White chocolate never felt like chocolate to me because it doesn’t have cocoa solids, only cocoa butter. Godiva’s new white chocolate melts so smoothly on your tongue and is not too sweet. The nutty and tart filling from the macadamia and pineapple melds into the creamy buttery white chocolate. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I’ve purchased Godiva chocolate, but after I finish my samples, I will probably go try to find some more of this white chocolate.

Here’s Godiva’s global senior chef chocolatier, Chef David Funaro, explaining the new chocolates to us.

We had a specialty cocktail that was less impressive. Tasted like a strong Bailey’s.

GodivaGodivaWe were spoiled with an assortment of chocolates. Overall, I feel Godiva’s chocolate is on the sweeter side. Even the dark chocolate is pretty milky. Seeing as this chocolate collection is targeted towards Chinese consumers, I think it makes sense that the chocolate is sweeter and fruitier.

Crispy orange slices dipped in dark chocolate. I liked the bitterness from the orange peel paired with the sweet dark chocolate.

Dried apple slices dipped in dark chocolate.

A favorite, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Despite how movies tend to portray chocolate covered strawberries as sexy treats on silver platters served with lingerie and silk sheets, A.H. and I decided that eating CCS is messy, crumbly, and chocolate-tooth-inducing. Not sexy. Save for girls nights out.

Chef Funaro looks perplexed over the cheese. Clearly more of a sweet tooth.

The Godiva offices had a soft serve machine that we got to try. Apparently, Godiva is testing this product across a couple Godiva stores in New York, including the one at the Rockefeller Center.

The white chocolate vanilla bean was so light yet creamy at the same time. It actually reminded me of my favorite soft serve on the planet… McDonald’s soft serve. Don’t ask. Just try.

GodivaThe chocolate soft serve was  very, very strong. Definitely not for the faint of heart. It is very rich for soft serve. That’s some high quality cocoa stuff.

GodivaAs the Chinese would say, I was definitely 眼睛大肚子小 (big eyes small stomach). I was like a little kid in a candy store (literally) and piled chocolates onto my plate. Thanks, J.J. for inviting me to this launch!

By the way, Lunar New Year is on January 31st this year. What is everyone doing to celebrate? It’s one of my favorite holidays because I was taught that the more you eat on LNY, the more prosperous your year will be. Amen to that.

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