Celebrate Lunar New Year with Godiva!

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
I’m the luckiest girl alive. Lunar New Year is possibly my favorite holiday of the year and GODIVA SENT ME CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Godiva has honored my favorite holiday with a limited edition Year of the Goat gift box. I was lucky enough to receive the Mid-Autumn Festival “mooncakes” from Godiva last year, which were deeeelicious. I was very much looking forward to another collection of Belgian chocolates with Asian flavors. This is one type of fusion I can stand by.

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
Similar to the Mid-Autumn Festival box, this box showcased three special chocolates: one dark, one milk, and one white.

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
There were also some other classic Godiva chocolates along with the mix. Only six lucky goats (choose who’d you like to share with wisely).

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
For this blog post, I’m featuring the lucky goats. 

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
Ignore the severed head… the milk chocolate has a center of smooth milk chocolate ganache flavored with gui flower and ginseng. The silky smooth ganache dominates the flavors while the flower and ginseng provide a subtle aftertaste.

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
The white chocolate is filled with a smooth ganache of sweet chrysanthemum and sharp ginger. I don’t normally love white chocolate (no cocoa!) but Godiva does a great job creating a silky smooth creamy texture. The sharp ginger helps cut through the sweetness of the chocolate. Chrysanthemum leaves you with a slightly bitter aftertaste. A subtle adult candy.

Godiva Lunar New Year CollectionThe dark chocolate is also filled with a ganache but flavored with jasmine and angelica root. My silly friends A.H. and N.T. took both away from me so I actually have no idea how it tastes. Quotes from them:

  • A.H.: “I like it. I can taste the jasmine. It’s like a hint of floral.”
  • N.T.: “It’s really rich. Hint of orange. Very smooth. Leaves a really nice after taste. Perfect balance of rich, dark, and sweet.”

Godiva Lunar New Year CollectionMeanwhile, a couple more friends of mine ventured outside of the lucky sheep and sampled some others. Direct quotes:

  • I.H.: “The Cinnamon Blush is subtle, warm, and inviting.”
  • E.H.: “I don’t know what flavors I’m eating but they’re all very good.”
  • B.H.: “The White Ganache Bliss tastes like Haagen Dazs vanilla or vanilla bean… it’s very rich.”
  • B.H. on The Cherry Cordial:”I like the richness of the dark chocolate against the sweet cherry juice but the cherry is so sweet… like artificial maraschino cherry juice inside, which I like, but isn’t for the faint of sweet-heart ;)”

Gotta love having my friends food-write!! And happy Lunar New Year everyone! Hope all of you food readers eat a ton on Wednesday night (New Years Eve). Make sure to have something sweet too! – like a goat chocolate, as in a chocolate shaped like a goat, not a goat-flavored chocolate.


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