Fried Rice with McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

McDonald's Fried RiceLAW was making his usual garlic fried rice for lunch when I decided to surprise him with a little brotein.

McDonald's Fried RiceMickey D chicken nuggets.

McDonald's Fried RiceDid you know it costs the same for 20 nuggets as 10? How does this economically make sense? McDonald’s is messing with my brain.

McDonald's Fried RiceI chopped up the nuggets into smaller pieces and tossed them into the already sizzling rice with garlic, onions, eggs, and scallions.

McDonald's Fried RiceI present to you the most delicious Mickey D Chicken Nuggets fried rice. Crisp, tasty nuggets with garlicky rice… mmm… Does anyone know McDonald’s Asia food director? I’d like to submit this as an entry for a permanent spot on the menu.

McDonald's Fried RiceSaved 10 to dunk in barbecue sauce. I love all fast food with barbecue sauce. If only Shake Shack had barbecue sauce…


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