Fried Noodles with String Beans (干煸四季豆炒面)

After failing my last attempt to make fried noodles about two months ago, I had been hesitant to try again. It was way too mushy, the starch from the noodles coated the veggies, and there was a lot of it. Today’s attempt, however, was a success!! The key is to cook things separately and to make sure everything is as dry as can be.  Oil must be applied liberally as well. I first stir fried the meat (ground pork marinated with cooking wine, soy, and brown sugar) and veggies (used string beans, onions, and garlic) until thoroughly finished. I added 老干妈 (chili black bean sauce) and 豆瓣 (soy bean chili sauce) to the veggies and had the wok simmer until everything was dry and 香 (tasty? No English translation for that). Boiled the noodles when veggies and meat were almost done. Added salt to the water – pasta style – and boiled until noodles were just slightly undercooked. Took noodles out and shocked with cold water. Then added to veggies and meat and sautéed until noodles were on the verge of being crisp. ‘twas yummy.

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